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Ticket for Heaven
After a tragic texting accident, Maddie Jones finds herself stuck in her hometown with no idea how to move on to Heaven. All she knows is that because of the world’s overpopulation, Heaven can’t handle the influx of the dead, so a new process has been established. The dead must have a bus ticket to Heaven. With little to no knowledge on how to obtain this ticket, the only companion she has is her elderly deceased neighbor, Mr. Fowler, who acts more as a mentor and guide than a friend. Matters get worse when Aaron DeCann, the star quarterback from her high school, joins her in their purgatory town. As a ‘hipster’, she hates everything he represents, but Maddie must learn to look beyond her preconceptions in order to work with Aaron to earn their passage to Heaven. Together, they discover that everyone there has a story and each person has a unique lesson to learn, but it isn’t enough. Maddie and Aaron must figure out what they each have to learn to get their own tickets to Heaven without killing each other first.

Caitlyn Brady always thought druids something of imagination and fantasy, but the summer before her sophomore year, in her attic, she discovers a wooden box containing pictures with dates spanning multiple centuries, all portraying her parents. When she questions them, her parents explain that they’re roughly 600-year-old, and like all druids, they are each born with a special ability called blessings. Her parents also break the news that she too is a druid, and that she’s going away to a special school known as Keridwen. Once at Keridwen, Caitlyn discovers that while the rest of the druid world has only one blessing, she has two. Attempting to not draw unwanted attention, she must train for one during the day and secretly at night for the other. All the while, a war that has been brewing between the two factions of druids, the guardians and the rogues, erupts. In order to help the guardians protect the dean of Keridwen and the rest of the school, Caitlyn must master her blessings, juggle her new social/love life, and hide her extra ability from everyone. With the weight of the druid world on her shoulders, Caitlyn must become stronger than anyone else her age and fight in a war for something she never knew existed.

The sequel to Keridwen 
Find it Thanksgiving 2016

Love and Texts
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