Monday, January 28, 2013

The Bachelor and Arranged Marriage

So, I was talking to someone about arranged marriages, and was told that the idea in this person's family is to make an important decision without being blinded by love. It actually made sense. I have a totally different outlook on the concept now.

That being said, I'm watching the Bachelor and can't help but think this is America's version of an arranged marriage, but it's not quite complete.  Here we have a guy who is set up with 25 women who are picked based on compatibility (I'm guessing). So right there, statistics and logic begin the game. Then he takes a few minutes to talk to each one. Which ones will make the cut/get the rose based on initial compatibility? Each week, he talks and gets to know them, eliminating a few each time until we get to the end. He's supposed to fall in love in one season, which equates to six weeks. 42 days to fall in love and make an educated decision about marriage. During the final episode, he proposes to one "lucky" lady who will then either say yes or no.

The reality is that no bachelor has ever married his choice. There have been two weddings, both from the Bachelorette, but no Bachelor. So, let's talk about the arranged part. What would happen if before going on the show, they all signed a contract that stated, one month after the show, there will be a wedding and you will get married. They would go into the show knowing that their out would be divorce if not booted off first.  I'm curious to see if the girls who signed up would be more serious about the show and not just on it for their 15 minutes of fame. It is so much easier breaking up when it's just dating, but being married and ending in divorce is an entirely different ballgame.

Perhaps they should take it as an arranged marriage. Make an educated decision, get married, and fall in that order.

Just some thoughts as I sit on the couch and watch tv with my husband.
Have a great night!