Friday, February 8, 2013

To Where and Back

This is not a romance. This is not a laugh out loud YA novel. This is about a girl trying to survive her life.

For Alicia Woodland, her senior year was supposed to be the final stepping stone before marrying her sweetheart, Bobby, but it all comes shattering down when he is killed in action in Afghanistan. She turns to her best friend, Nikki, for support. With Nikki’s help, she begins to find happiness again and even meets a new boy, but before the healing is complete, another tragedy strikes – Nikki is killed in a drunk driving accident. Alicia thinks the only way out is to end her life as well, but it’s not as easy as she thought. Rather than it all ending, she finds herself in place somewhere in between life and death and is faced with an unseen power forcing her to watch scenes of her past, present, and possible future. First, she must watch her life up to her stepping in front of traffic. Then, she must watch her family and friends go through a third round of grief, this time involving her parents losing their only child. Finally, she must watch the what-ifs.  What are the possibilities in her future if she chooses to live?  College? Career? Marriage? Kids?  Alicia must choose what path to take – life or death.
To Where and Back, a YA Contemporary, is complete at 37,000 words, and is searching for representation for publication.

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