Monday, March 5, 2012

Still Writing - slowly

Ok, I admit I've been writing. My new WIP is out with a beta, unfinished, but getting closer. I reached 91 pages last night. It's dark to say the least. I started it in a dark place, and figured I need to finish it. I put it aside for a solid two months, and when I came back to it, I had to reread to get caught up. I can honestly say, I couldn't remember what I had written. Don't get me wrong the ideas were/are still in my head, but the details were already gone. Anyway, as I read it, there were parts that genuinely choked me up. It's hard reading such emotion and not getting swept away in it all over again.

I'm enjoying the process, though. I have another third of the book to write once revisions are done, and those will be taking place as soon as I get the feedback. I'm trying my hardest not to think about publishing, but I do wonder if it's too dark for the YA market. If it is, oh well. At least I can say I have another completed manuscript under my belt. I read somewhere that it takes 750,000 words before you write solid stuff. That being said, I think I'm at about 400k if you count all of my short stories along with various version of manuscripts. That has definitely given some perspective to the whole process. Ultimately, one day, I will reach that word count.

Well that's it for my update. I am off to grade 90 literary analysis papers. It won't happen in a single night, but I do have a deadline. Have a wonderful evening.


  1. After some books I've seen/heard about, this one is perfect for YA. Darker than some, but perfect for the marker. :)

  2. I love dark stories. =) That's most of what I write myself.

    And I have to keep outlines and notes and re-read chapters often. XD I forget details to my stories all the time.