Sunday, March 18, 2012

Home Repairs

My life has been taken over by home repairs thanks to our recent water issue.  We have decided to replace all of the carpeting in the house, which won't take place for a couple of weeks, but woo-hoo, I'm excited. This weekend my husband and his father have been replacing the baseboards which were torn out, and now we have been busy sanding, filling holes, and starting painting trim molding. The only problem is that now we have to do the whole house so that it matches.

Once the above is done, I know what comes next...the doors. And inevitably the walls. This process is back breaking and tiresome, but the house will look so much better after it's done.

As for writing, that's completely on the back burner. I think this flood was His way of telling me it's time for an official break. I know I said before I was stopping for a while, but I ultimately kept going back to it. Now, I just don't have the time.  Between repairs and work, I'm swamped and exhausted. I have eight more weeks of school and then I am free once again for two months. Perhaps I will start writing then. I really had some feelers out, but it didn't come to fruition. I've started thinking about epubbing again, but who knows. As I said, time is not plentiful.

Anyway, I am off to dinner. My wonderful mother-in-law has cooked lasagna from scratch, and it smells delicious. Good night. :)

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