Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Moving in to a New Year

Well, Christmas is over and I didn't get all that I asked for, but I have hope for 2012.  I have a good job, an amazing husband and two wonderful children. What more could a person ask for, right? Of course, there are a few things, but too mundane to share on here.  So, I am thinking about my New Year's resolutions. I have a few.

1. lose weight - but don't we all place that on our lists? I know I have since I was nine, but that is a totally different blog topic.

2. read more - I go through phases of reading.  Sometimes I read three books in a week, and then I don't read for three months.  I would like to be more consistent.

3. write more - I need to make time to write consistently.  My job can be time consuming and soul sucking at times, which keeps me from writing at night.  My kids help in that department as well.  I'd like to get a solid three days a week of writing in this year.

4. be my own cheerleader - as a writer, it's very easy to get discouraged and encouraged within minutes. I need to remember that if I don't write, no one is going to write it for me.  I also need to remind myself that I am my own advocate.  I want to maintain a positive presence while sticking to my goals and not giving up on myself.

5. be a better mom - I think all moms have room for improvement. For me it involves patience.  I tend to have a quick fuse with my own children mainly because I can't lose it on the kids at school.

6. make more time for my husband - in a crazy schedule of mothering, reading, writing, grading, etc. I need to remember that he came first (always).

That's it for my resolutions. I think they are ones I can stick with. 

I do have the same as last year - find agent, get published, etc. but that will happen when it's supposed to - God will let it happen.

Happy New Year everyone!

PS what are your resolutions? Share and compare...we can support each other.


  1. I have almost all of your resolutions except #5. I don't have any kiddos yet. ;)

    My personal resolution is to finish my book and query my list of agents next year. I might not get an agent and be published, but at least I'll know I've tried.

    Another for me is to BE other's cheerleaders. We can't always go it alone and I know how much it helps to have someone else saying that you CAN do this thing!

  2. jstampe - I think finishing your book is an excellent resolution. I should have added that to mine. I need to finish the two I've been working on as well. Good luck!

  3. Good resolutions. #4 is good. It's hard to be your own cheerleader. Haven't really made any..need to get a list of goals. I'm thinking weight loss, finish revisions, query and find an agent. :D

  4. God is in control of my New Year. It's going to be epic.

    I stand with you can do this, and more!

    To you all, best wishes for the New Year!



  5. I will be your cheerleader. You are a great writer and I just know 2012 will be a fantastic year for you. My new year's resolution -- to obtain the golden ticket of course :)

  6. You all are fantastic friends. I will be your cheerleader as well, and I hope 2012 is nothing but amazement for you all.

  7. Good luck with your resolutions. It can be very hard to balance life. I have trouble with it and I don't even have kids or a job outside of writing.