Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Chapter Teaser

Thanks to a wonderful critique, I will be posting a revised teaser very soon.

***I've never posted anything I'm working on before, but I'm open to anything new.  What would it take for you to step in front of a car to end it all? This was my motivation***

She watched her feet as she stepped one foot in front of the next along the highway not noticing the perfectly clear sky and the birds singing in the breeze, but rather she laughed at the irony of it all before stepping in front of the traffic causing it all to go dark.  After what felt like forever, she opened her eyes to nothingness all around her confused it wasn’t all over.  She believed once she was gone, it was over and nothing more, but now she seemed awake but surrounded by darkness not quite gone but not anywhere either.  Although her eyes focused, she rubbed them anyway trying to see something, time standing still causing panic to rise in her stomach making her question her ultimate fate, and then the flowers appeared.

Colors seemed to explode before her eyes filling the vast emptiness with a beauty she could hardly imagine.  They were so vibrant she squinted her eyes to adjust to the richness of each shade presenting itself to her like a wonderful gift.  She stood in the nothing surrounded by a rainbow of snapdragons waving in a breeze coming in from her left side making her smile just a little and tickling her cheeks with a warmth she’d never felt before.  Not only was she experiencing sensory overload from their colors, but also she had a sensation of warmth like an afghan on a cold winter’s day wrapped around her shoulders.  Fear was replaced by comfort – a comfort she couldn’t explain, but deep within her soul she could feel that she wasn’t supposed to be afraid.  After blinking again and taking a few deep lingering breaths, a white gazebo sprang up from the ground from nowhere with a wooden bench sitting in its center inviting her over for a rest.  She did as the structure asked walking through the snapdragons over to the bench where she sat and looked around searching for something, anything else.  

Her seat was more comfortable than she could imagine with the down padding and wicker backing to the petite love seat positioned against the middle back of the gazebo’s frame.  It was new and inviting with no dents from others before her.  It was hers and hers alone allowing her to enjoy the flowers around her in silence and no interruptions. The clean crispness of its all white covering made the flowers even more brilliant assuring her that she was meant to be on that couch.  She was meant to be in that gazebo.  There was more to come, but she knew nothing of it.

            After slipping into a floral haze, Alicia returned to wherever she was by the emergence of a large flat viewing screen lowering from the ceiling of the gazebo. It made no sound as it descended, but its appearance was deafening.  Staring at it with no understanding of its origination or purpose, she found herself mesmerized by its existence.  Light flickered on the screen and an Adonis like voice sounded behind her forcing her to look around her location for the owner, but there was no one.  “Alicia, welcome.  Please watch before deciding your fate,” the voice informed before disappearing once again.  His words echoed in her mind.  She didn’t understand the meaning, but there was gravity to the words holding her captive on the sofa before the screen.  Still searching, she found nothing but more and more flowers filling the land around her.  Daisies springing up from the ground scattering large plots of white and yellow seeming to say hello along with scattered pink, purple, red, and yellow roses filled the air with an intoxicating aroma.  The aroma was welcoming easing her tension making her relaxed and open to whatever was to come next.

            Alicia tried to call out to the voice, but she had no words in her throat to form.  She attempted to speak, but there was nothing but silence bringing slight panic to her stomach making her realize for the first time that the one sense missing from the entire scenario was sound.  She wondered if she had lost her ability to hear, but when she opened her mouth once more, she had also lost the ability to speak. The silence was deafening and the notion that she was mute and deaf scared her witless.  Instead of further pursuing her own sounds, she did as the voice instructed and redirected her eyes to the screen with anticipation hoping some form of answers would provide an explanation for her location and situation.  The screen turned sky blue with simple white lettering: THIS IS YOUR LIFE, she read confused beyond compare, but followed along.  YOU MUST WATCH TO DISCOVER TRUTH.  The words filled the screen and held for what felt like an hour, but was really only about thirty seconds.  Alicia didn’t understand what was going on.  She wanted to go somewhere else, but in her mind, she didn’t know where. Fear began to rear its ugly head again, but the sofa and flowers seemed to come alive reassuring her that there was nothing to be afraid of.   She tried to remember where she was before arriving at this mysterious location, but her mind like her voice was absent. There was nothing but fog.  She knew who she was, where she was from, her age, her past, but she couldn’t remember the last 24 hours leading her to no other choice, but to sit and watch as the screen directed – discover the truth…what that means.

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