Thursday, September 8, 2011

Isn't it Amazing?

It happens every year as a teacher...amazement.  There's always that one student who blows your mind and makes you hope they stay the course because if they do big things will happen for them.  This year, I've mentioned before, I'm teaching Creative Writing.  Today, I'm grading their latest stories, and the amazement just keeps after another.  I'm home alone today because my children have half days and I don't have child care midafternoon.  This means, I called in for today and tomorrow and brought my grading home wanting to save my weekend for my family and FOOTBALL.  (opening weekend for the NFL, it's a big deal here.)

Ok, so anyway, I gave this assignment for a plot driven story.  We discussed in class that urban legends are plot drive stories - they have characters and setting, but the bulk of the story is about a single conflict. So we start telling ghost stories and urban legends in class. It was fun.  We turned off the lights and scared each other with words. :)  Once I gave them the assignment, they were geared up to write.  Little did I know most of them would write scary stories. 

As budding authors, I don't expect to be wowed all the time with their writing.  There are some who are naturally good, and others who are really trying, but magic happened with this assignment.  I was reading at my kitchen table and finding myself looking around for sounds that didn't exist.  I admit it...I was freaked out in my empty house thanks to some of these stories.  A group of 17 and 18 year olds made me shake.  I'm impressed and amazed and planning on making my daughter sleep with me tonight. :) 

I still have 30 more to read today, so I need to get back, but if these 30 are anything like the first 30, I'm going to need a night light.

Have a great day!

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  1. That's awesome. Huge class too! LOTS of reading for you.