Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I've been saying this to my daughter every day this week.  "Disconnect from Pixie Hollow."  She's totally sucked in and obsessed with this website.  Can I blame her?  No, not really.  Before I went on vacation, my life consisted wake up, check my email, check Twitter, check query tracker, check blog stats, play angry birds, check email, etc. all before breakfast. I was totally 100% obsessed with social networking and the Internet.  It was insane.  My husband had to intervene when we left for vacation.  I wasn't allowed to spend even half the time on my computer or phone that I was previously doing.  Now that we are home again, I'm using my devices more often, but I will say that I'm not nearly as obsessed with it, though I can see how easy it would be to fall back in.  I know many of you know what I'm talking about too.  Especially those of you in the query trenches like I am.  I've officially shelved Keridwen as of ten minutes ago.  I'm done querying it. I'm done stressing over rewriting every five minutes.  I'm done thinking about it for at least one year.  It's just not the right time for Keridwen.

As for Love and Texts, it's still on the burner, but moving towards the back.  I'm officially disconnecting from Internet obsession and dedicating my time to my new WIP, To Where and Back (working title).  It's dark, it's full of emotion, it's young adult, and it's definitely the best I've done thus far.  Every feeling I've ever had in the last twelve years is being infused into this work.  There's love, loss, friendship, heartache, desperation, healing, rejoicing, etc.  I can't wait to share it with the world. 

As far as time goes, my wonderful writing partner (Mandie) and I have set a 750 words per day goal.  If I stick to it, seven days a week, I should have it done in 53 days give or take.  Then the edits will start.  I know this process is long, and I look forward to a new focus.  I just needed to disconnect for a bit to see that obsessing gets you no where, but writing can take you anywhere.

For all of you out there, disconnect - even if just a little.  Feel what it's like to have a little more freedom.

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