Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Writing is like...shaving your legs.

Ladies, you know who you are, thank you for tagging me in this process.  Ok, I know this metaphor is a bit far fetched, but here me out.  As a woman, we are forced to maintain a certain appearance in order to be "Beautiful".  We may not want to perform the mundane tasks we do daily or close to it like styling our hair, applying make-up, or even shaving our legs, but it is a necessity. 

Writing for me is a necessity.  In order to stay sane (beautiful), I must write daily or I become a bit grumpy.  My husband can automatically tell when I haven't written in a while because I am grouchy and irritable.  I snap quickly and resemble signs of PMS except that it's not.  It's the I haven't written syndrome. IHWS. (There's got to be a better acronym for that).  The same can be said for shaving my legs.  If I haven't shaved my legs and the hair starts to grow out, it starts just a little prickly and then moves to longer and just plain irritating and embarrassing.  Each stage represents each day I hold off getting the thoughts off my chest and into the computer.  You get the drift. 

So, my meme is writing is like...shaving my legs.  :)  It may not apply to men, but women writers, I'm sure you will relate.

Ok, so now it's my turn to tag writers.
Now, here are the rules (yes...I'm copying from her and pasting here...)

The goal is to come up with your own metaphor defining what "Writing is like..."

"like ice cream on a hot summer day"


"like a foray into an abysmal pit of loneliness"

Now it's my turn to tag three lucky bloggers to play this game with us!
My lucky writers are:
1. Trisha - because you aren't busy enough with editing and writing ;)
2. Lindsay - I haven't gotten to know you yet, but am already jealous of your recent success
3. Barbara - You're one of my newest followers and had such wonderful things to say on my blog, I wanted to share the wealth - and I love garden gnomes. :)

Good luck ladies.  It's not as easy as it may seem.  I hope you don't find mine ridiculous. :) Hee-hee


  1. Tehe...I love it! Not gross at all! I agree. I can't go a day w/out shaving & I can no longer go a day without writing!

  2. LOL! Thanks Mandie, but I think I'd rather write than shave my legs. :)

  3. So funny! So true. I am a severe sufferer of IHWS.

  4. This seems fun and I've been suffering from IHWS for DAYS! So this will be a good way to get the creativity flowing again.

  5. LOL! Love it and it's so true because when I don't shave my legs, I sit there thinking about it and the same with writing. If I'm not doing it, I'm thinking about how I need to do it.

  6. OK, so I shaved my legs today, but didn't write. DARN IHWS!!!!!