Thursday, June 9, 2011

WIP, WIP, and more WIP

With so many hits on my blog between yesterday and today, I feel as though I should write something profound today, but the reality is that I am just your average writer.  On a phone call last night, I was reminded that we, writers, need to value ourselves, and the reminder was a needed one.  I do believe that I am a good writer, if not great.  Ok, I know what you're thinking, "She's full of herself," but no, that's not the case.  All writers need to believe they are great to push through and tell their stories.  That being said, I'm great! :)

I've started a new WIP, and have made some serious progress in only two days.  The first paragraph has been done for over a month, but life kept getting in the way and I wasn't able to write.  Yesterday, I sat down with Jane Austen and wrote 1500 words (give or take), and today I did the same.  I must say that my growth as a writer is rearing its head with this WIP.  I'm consistently writing at a higher reading level than I did with my other books.  Knowing about this tool on Word makes my life a challenge.  When I originally wrote All's Fair in Love and Texts, it came out at 2.4 reading level.  I was shocked and disgusted with myself.  When I write for school, it's always above 10.0, yet my fiction was SO low.  I took six months to raise it up to where I wanted it to be.  That was a learning experience in itself.  Keridwen started at a 4.0, but I was determined to raise that up as well.  Thankfully, it wasn't as challenging as it was with Love and Texts.  Now, with my new WIP, I'm sitting comfortably at 5.8.  This pleases me because it's easier to maintain than to change. 

I've named my new WIP already. My husband hates the name, which will ultimately eat at me until I make it something he likes as well.  His suggestions didn't sit well in my stomach, so more thought will be needed for this.  But for now, it has a name.  It makes it real and encourages me to keep going.  Somehow a story doesn't feel like a story without a name; therefore, mine is named.  I'll reveal it later once I am more certain of it.

Anyway, I'm 13 pages in with over 3000 words.  I figure that if I continue at this pace, I should be done sometime in July with the first draft.  I'd set a date, but I'm going on a two week vacation, and that doesn't allow for much writing time.  So, my goal is August 1 at the latest!

In other news, I've been editing.  I finished a WIP for a friend, and there is another book on the horizon.  Editing is such a valuable trait that I never take for granted.  I can remember being in college and having no understanding of the semicolon.  I don't think I really understood it's purpose until I edited my first novel in 2002 and semicolons were riddled throughout.  I really feel they should be used sparingly.  If used incorrectly, they make the writer appear less than masterful of the language.  If used too much, it comes off arrogant.  I do use them, but not that often. 

Well, there is my post for the day. Feel free to comment, follow, etc.  I appreciate the traffic and look forward to more.  :) Have a wonderful afternoon!

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