Saturday, May 21, 2011

Feeling the Pressure

Only three more days until it's officially summer and the pressure is on.  I have 20 papers to grade for a final - they're due tomorrow, and I am dreading reading and editing and grading these papers.  I love teaching online, but seriously, this assignment gets me.  Once that's done, I have a two weeks until the next class starts.  My real job is over on Thursday, but I have to build a brand new curriculum for the August.  I am officially teaching Creative Writing in the fall.  I'm really excited about this, but making a curriculum is tough work.  Needless to say, that will keep me busy this summer.  The truth, though, is that neither of these tasks are freaking me out.  The pressure is that I always start a new WIP in the summer.  The pressure to start one in five days is getting to me.  I have a couple of ideas, but they're not bubbling in my brain the way I'd like them to.  My dry erase board hangs on the wall behind me staring at me, taunting me to use it, but I feel like the well is dry.  I know this is only because my brain is school absorbed getting ready for finals and announcing names at graduation, but it does scare me a little. 

The good news is that I have made friends on twitter whom I will be setting writing goals with.  This is so important because I hate letting people down.  Mandie, you're the best!  Knowing these goals are in place will light a fire under me like nobody's business, so now I just need to do it.  I do have this one story in mind and the first couple of pages are written.  It's dark and depressing, but solid.  I think I'm going to run with it.  I don't want to say too much, but I can say it's a YA contemporary starting with a girl walking aimlessly on the highway thinking she has no way out.  We'll see.  I also have the conflicts all mapped out, but my husband says that it's too depressing.  Let's just say there's a lot of death.  Anyway, the pressure's on.  Writing will resume in five days and my children will be in summer school for three hours a day.  This will be my time to shine.


  1. A goal on the calendar is the only way I can accomplish anything. I'm just like you... little kids to take care of, a day job... finding time for things outside that is next to impossible. But with a goal and a date on the calendar that is the only way I get anything accomplished. One year I decided to run the marathon. The only way I accomplished my running goals was knowing I had to finish my training by November or I would fail. Then I decided to do NanoWriMo (which I strongly recommend). The only way I finished my book was knowing I had to write 50,000 words in the month of November or I would fail.

    Fear of failure is what got me going.

    And writing my book was pretty similar to training for the marathon.

    If you need another writing partner let me know!

  2. Hi Ella, I'd love another writing partner. Send me a DM and we can set up some goals as well. :)

  3. Yes, we can do it!
    Wow, that is a jam packed summer! I'm sure you can handle it though. Especially with the 3 hours of no kids. I haven't started full fledge yet, hubs is on vacation this week so we have a jam packed weekend.
    The more the merrier! More people to keep you motivated.

    So...your blog award from Anita...makes me hungry!

  4. Mandie, it makes me hungry too. I might just have to make a cheesecake this week and cover it in strawberries. :)

    As soon as I start writing I will let you and Ella know. We can do daily updates just so we have to check in. It'll be like weight watchers for writers. OOOH WWW Triple W. Gotta love alliteration.

  5. Love it Jamie. I'm a great cheerleader. Us mommy-writer-cleaning-doing laundry-working a full time job-SUPERWOMEN must band together. We will do this. YES WE CAN!

  6. Ella, send me a DM and we can work out some goals. I'm really looking forward to having multiple writing partners. Writing moms unite! :)

  7. Good luck Jamie! As a mother of three, I'm feeling the time crunch before summer vacay starts now as well:)

    FYI Blogger hates me today so I can only post anonymously. Boo. Lindsay @ Tiptoe-Kisses