Saturday, April 16, 2011

All's Quiet on the Western Front

It's awefully quiet here in Arizona, but beautiful outside with windows open at 7:30pm and a breeze winding through my house.  I've started actively querying All's Fair in Love and Texts, and received a request for a full from the second person I queried.  Other than that request, I haven't heard much. So I sit and wait.  Not bad for my query. :)  My betas are still reading, and one has finished. She closed the binder and looked at me with only one thing to say, "I loved it!"  Needless to say that made me happy.  Even better, I had two girls arguing over who could read it when since I only printed one copy and they read it during their down times in class.  LOL! It was amusing to hear them squabble, and even more pleasing to hear have them look at me with disgust in their eyes, "WHO'S LISA!"  I just smiled and told them to read on.  I've had one cry a little, others laugh, and even more angry replying with, "I can't stand Sophie, she reminds me of so-and-so." So-and-so happens to be that beta's best friend.  Again, I just smile and think, good.  I seem to have written it well for the betas to relate to well with the characters.  This gives me hope.

Though I am still waiting to hear on one full and one partial for Keridwen, I've decided to put it on the back burner for now and focus on Love and Texts.  I'd absolutely love to get good news for Keridwen, but Love and Texts is my baby of over two years.  I loved it in the beginning and I love it more now that I've for all practical purposed rewritten it.  Of course, I will change what needs to be changed in the eyes of an agent or editor, but I feel like it is solid and receiving quality feedback. 

For those of you who would like to know about All's Fair in Love and Texts, I've included my query letter in this blog.  If you'd like to read more, please don't hesitate to ask by emailing me at jamie.handling at gmail dot com.  I look forward to any of your comments - good or bad.  Thanks for reading my blog, by the way.  I do appreciate the readers, even if you don't follow....ADD moment, I can't stand when people spam twitter with "read my blog," "follow my blog," "be my friend."  I'm just not that person. So, with that said, if you want to follow, please do and it will be appreciated.  If you don't want to follow and just want to stop by from time to time, please do and it will be appreciated.  We writers need to stick together. :)


And now for the query for All's Fair in Love and Texts...

What if your best friend had everything for the taking?  Attention, popularity, boys, success... What if you were always used to being in your friend's shadow - and suddenly, in your senior year, supposedly the best ever, it all changes?

Audrey Brown has always been content being the polar opposite of her friend Sophie Taylor.  After all, she's been able to live vicariously through Sophie who’s always had it all, and she's enjoyed being the yin to Sophie's yang.  But that changes in what seems a blink of an eye when Audrey meets Lucas, a military brat transfer from California whom she falls in love with from the start.  Soon, Audrey has everything Sophie's ever had - a boy's attention, a real romance, and a first kiss to dream about.  Sophie's jealous, both of Audrey's newfound happiness, and of the time she spends with Lucas.

To make matters worse, Sophie's parents are getting a divorce, and she's in dire need of Audrey's support.  As her family crumbles, she'll go to drastic measures to remain the most important person in Audrey's world and get her best friend back.  Meanwhile, Audrey is trying to navigate her romantic relationship, which causes her great amounts of grief as well.  Together the girls must figure out how to balance their new lives, classes, and friendship in order to make it through their final year of high school.  Audrey must figure out how to spend time with Lucas and Sophie or she too faces losing everything.

All's Fair in Love and Texts is a 62,000 word engaging, realistic modern high school YA Contemporary novel.  Appealing to YA readers, it also has crossover potential to early twenty-something women.  And it embraces teenagers' favorite form of communication, texting, as the main heartbeat to make-ups and break-ups and all that falls in between.

I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area where I graduated from California State University, Hayward with a Bachelor's Degree in English and Creative Writing and Walden University with a Master's Degree in Education.  I have been published with short fiction in the Writer's Post Journal.  I am also a mother, military wife, and veteran high school English teacher.


  1. Side note to any reading, I forgot to run spell check before posting, so I apologize for any errors ahead of time. It's late and I'm tired. :) Have a great night to all!

  2. Hi Jamie! Great query! Could I suggest one thing, just to further whet the agent's appetite?

    Instead of this sentence: "As her family crumbles, she'll go to drastic measures to remain the most important person in Audrey's world and get her best friend back," could you actually give a juicy detail of what Sophie does? It would make Sophie seem even more human and relatable if we could wince or shake our heads at what she does. If that even makes sense? Heh. Like you, I'm tired and it's late.

    I hope you get tons of hits on this soon! I love the idea of texting playing a role in a YA. It's perfect!

  3. Hi Anita, Thanks for the advice. I do appreciate the feedback. :)

  4. Wow...that sounds like a great plot! Love the title too!

  5. You're welcome! I haven't got to the query letter part yet, but that one already has me wanting to buy! Hope it brings you luck.

  6. Thanks so much for that! Now, if only an agent would take it on. My fingers are eternally crossed.