Friday, March 25, 2011

A New Way of Thinking

I have to admit that until today, I thought that self-publishing was not the right way to go.  I'm not going to say that I am sold, but after reading about Amanda Hocking's e-publishing success, it definitely makes me wonder.  Our world is in a different place than it was even five years ago.  We are now in the digital age, when more people have ereaders than ever before.  I have two manuscripts that repeatedly get rejected by agents who base their entire opinion on queries, which I respect and understand, but how many reject a query without giving an author a chance to meet their standards?  Though I would love to have an agent who would represent my work with courage and the connections in the publishing world, there is something intriguing about taking a risk.  E-publishing is a huge risk!

I realize that there may be no one reading my posts on here, but I also know that I haven't connected to Facebook.  I haven't told my students because I am not sure how much of myself I want out there for them, but if I were to e-pub, I have taught in three schools and lived in three states in eleven years.  The possibilities are endless since I have maintained contact with current and prior students along with made friends with teachers throughout.  I'm not afraid of hard work, so is it something I should consider?  I don't know yet, but I can say that I am mulling it over.

I have quite a few queries still floating in cyber space with two partials being reviewed.  I want to have high expectations, but I am a realist.  Becoming an agented writer with published books has the same odds as becoming a professional athlete.  I must tell myself the same thing I tell my must have a backup plan.  I really believe in my current ms. and I know that with some revisions, my young adult romance could have serious potential.  I also know that I told a student today "If you don't believe in yourself, how do you expect others to do the same?"  I think it's time I follow my own advice. 

I WILL BE PUBLISHED...One way or another.  From this day forward, I believe in myself and all that I have to offer.

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