Saturday, March 19, 2011

About Keridwen

Well, I feel it's time to discuss Keridwen. I have completed, edited, proofed, revised, etc. my third attempt at writing a novel. Keridwen is now to a point which I think it's ready, hopefully. Then again, I'm not sure if a book is ever really finished. That being said, many people I know have asked me what it's about and I shy away from talking about because my superstitious being doesn't want to jinx myself. :) well, here it goes...

An ancient oak box revealing the truth about a millennium old secret of druids living in the modern times changes the life of Caitlyn Brady forever.
Caitlyn, a fifteen year-old from the Sky Islands of Arizona discovers that her parents have been keeping a secret for over four hundred years revealing that they come from an ancient clan of druids who have assimilated into the modern world.  She, too, is a druid who must now learn how to manipulate earth via her druid blessing of Emergence.  At Keridwen, she befriends Druids of all three blessings (Rejuvenation, Emergence, and Shape shifting) all learning how to adjust into the “real world” in a special way.  All is well until she discovers that she is not your typical one blessing Druid, but rather an oddity – she has two blessings, which has only happened once before in Druid history, and that was with the only druid twins ever born. She must now assist in the protection of the Druid world’s most prized possession – a scroll that holds a piece of the soul of Genevieve, the dean of Keridwen, and the recipe to release Genevieve’s evil twin, Rhiannon. Now Caitlyn must face the possibility that her past may not be what it seems and her future may bring incredible danger forcing her to act 200 times her age.

There it is. :) it's been a long road, but I am excited to continue on my quest for publication.

I hope you all like it as much as I do. :)

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